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Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith help you make sense of the world.

In this, episode four hundred and nine out of one thousand, we discuss the State of Origin (2022) and Escape Room (2017) but not Escape Room (2019).

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This week your friends BenTron 3.0 and Cambot 6000 take over the pod for some AI shenanigans.

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It's your pals Cam and Ben with Episode 407 in a series of 1000 podchats about affairs of state and culture and such. This week we recorded the Monday after the election for fresh takes on the ascendant Albanese government and the Rebel Wilson vehicle Senior Year.

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This week we have some grievances to share. Plus a spoiler alert for Dr Strange and The Northman.

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We discuss the election campaign and the film Ambulance (spoiler alert: both of them are careening out of control through the streets of LA). We have absolutely no proof that Michael Bay is not doing Dogme95 films on the side. 

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Is A Long Time In Politics. A day can happen in a year and a year can happen in a month.

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This week Ben & Cam discuss (with spoilers) the films The Batman, Morbius and RRR. Cam is not impressed with The Batman's refusal to do even the most simple geolocation.

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Folks, huge content warning on this one: the Prime Minister is racist. And Ben saw Morbius.

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Gather Around Me is back with our hot takes on the Academy Awards, Mark Latham, etc.

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