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Hi there folks,

It's an all new ep of Gather Around Me with ya mates Ben & Cam. In this edition, we discuss the following current events: Weary Dunlop, the Garden of Eden and Milo Yabbadabbadoo.

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Selamat datang, gentle listeners, to another edition of Gather Around Me - the 308th in a series of 1000, to be precise.

In this audio newsletter, ya mates Ben Pobjie dan Cam Smith take a closer look at those mischievous fetus demons nicking stuff from our neighbours to the north, the Toyol, including a recap of the film Tuyul Part 1.

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G'day folks, it's an all new ep of GAM about this crazy week that was.

Executive Orders, Billy Thorpe, Dirty Harry, misremembered Indonesian ghosts - the only thing this is more than current is affairs.

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