Gather Around Me
Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith help you make sense of the world.
Episode 21: Anonocast

Episode 21 in a Series of 1000 Anonocasts from John Q. Shadow and Mister X.

Warning. May contain traces of:

  1. Who are we?
  2. Evolution and the New Barbarians
  3. Marshmallows
  4. Lazy Pakistanis, lolling about, singing their crazy songs
  5. Thank God You're Here!
  6. Hey Dad! memories
  7. Les Miserables
  8. The Matty Johns Show
  9. Gary Chook
  10. Catherine Deveny
  11. Comedy Festival recommendations
  12. More Hey Dad! memories
  13. Wrapping up
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Episode 20: Even Heroes Have To Die

Episode 20 in a Series of 1000 Podcasts from Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith.

Warning, may contain traces of:

  • Awkward conversations in vegan cafes
  • Ben has a headache
  • Ben has principles and won't read out private correspondences on the podcast.
  • The Comments Facility on iTunes (which hasn't actually been used, it turns out)
  • A hot, barely legal Angela Lansbury
  • MAN BAT and other Superhero Discussion
  • The Babysitters Club
  • Cam, He's A Man Of Letters: Heroes & Villains Edition (Sunday trading, The Moon Landing, Gays)
  • What Have We Learnt

Listen responsibly.

P.S. If you want to leave a comment, you can do so on the posts at or at

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Episode 19: 2 For The Price Of 1

Episode 19 in a Series of 1000 Gather Around Me Fireside Podchats.

This episode is in TWO parts, but you only pay ONCE. And you don't even pay. It's free. It is in two parts because we recorded the first part, and then we had some stuff to do. After we did that stuff, we were like... that was kind of short, let's record some more. So we did. TWO PARTS! Also, this podchat follows directly on from Episode 18's closing To Be Continued, so Part One of this is actually Part Two of that, and Part Two of this is Part Three. Do you follow?

PART ONE (technically part two):

Warning, may contain traces of:

  • Previously on Gather Around Me...
  • Apology Spiders
  • ASIO
  • Hitler's Son
  • Roadworks
  • Schoolgirls
  • Beating Children
  • Savage Garden
  • Desk Piano/Take A Chance On Me

PART TWO (technically part three):

Warning, may contain traces of:

  • Tasmanian politics
  • Brewster's Millions
  • 3D movies
  • Vega is shutting down
  • Double Take on DVD
  • An erotic tableau
  • And back to Double Take
  • Cam, He's A Man Of Letters (A lack of professionalism, breathalysers, evolution, Men: A User's Guide)
  • Fernando/One Night In Bangkok/Money Money Money
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Episode 18: Hey, We're Back!

Episode 18 in a Series of 1000 Fireside Chats by Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith

Warning, may contain traces of:

  • Driving
  • Getting a Parking Thing
  • Walking
  • Talking
  • Meeting People


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