Gather Around Me
Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith help you make sense of the world.

Hi there gentle listeners, it's episode 206 in a series of 1000 from your friends Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith.

In this episode:

  • Billy Joel
  • Corrections & Clarifications
  • Japanese Spider Crabs & Jellyfish
  • and then... topics from Twitter! including:
  • "@brocklesnitch" - @brocklesnitch
  • "Team Australia" - @paul_mj
  • the Moonee ponds creek - @davebottles
  • "domestic violence vs. the raised "terror" threat." - @railey180
  • "Whether Phil Mickelson & Tiger Woods are over the hill as suggested by world no 1 Rory McIlroy." - @gemichelle
  • "#justice and #spandex" - @therealaltruman
  • "discussion on intersectionality of climate change believers [sp?], terror denialists & my Twitter feed" - @Wendy_Harmer
  • "Routine Infant Circumcision" - @WeAreAustralia
  • "Speaking of Rory, will his ex-fiancee ever win a Grand Slam?" - @gemichelle
  • "If you were Scottish would u vote yes or no?" - @scootie201
  • "The inevitability, or otherwise, of an animal mascot winning this year's AFL flag." - @gemichelle
  • "science: overrated?" - @davebottles
  • "cats or roos?" - @puggle01
  • "secrets, particularly those about mental health" - @no_more_abbot
  • Pandering
  • The upcoming Sister Fanciers album

Enjoy! Tell a friend, acquaintance, or frenemy.

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Hello there, friends! It's your buds Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith with another episode of Gather Around Me! If you listened to last week's ep you might remember the lads promising - in their typical jokester fashion - that their next podcast would be entirely on the subject of Kamchatka.

Of course this is an absurd proposition. Nobody would blame them for not following through on this promise.


Call your surly teens in from their sexting booths, stoke up the fire, and gather around the wireless for a podcast ALL ABOUT KAMCHATKA, including:

  • Kamchatka Politics
  • Kamchatka People
  • Kamchatka Industry
  • Kamchatka History

Tell a friend, seriously, we really can't rely on the hot topic of Kamchatka to sell this one to new listeners, you need to step up here, guys.

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