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Alright hotshots, it's a brand new ep of Gather Around Me. Well, it's an ep of Gather Around Me. Look hotshots, this was recorded a couple of weeks ago. I got an ear infection, okay. Here are some important notes. One, this podcast will spoil the film Shutter Island. Two, throughout the history of the show, as longterm listeners will know, we often refer to the book The Cross & The Switchblade. That has been erroneous: the book we meant to refer to was Run Baby Run by Nicky Cruz. Maybe that's what we used to call it and my memory has just atrophied. *raises eyebrows as if to say, I wonder how that could have happened*. Also Ben's book is 100% available for purchase in stores now. It is called Australia: What Happened? and nobody gives up a life of being cool to be a nerd in the space of a page. Well done, Ben. Right, that's just about it. We will try to record another one soon so you can get up to speed on Luke Foley's resignation in a few weeks.

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