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Stay Inside On March 24th


Cam here. Still sick. Here is a bit from the 3CR show. It is from this Friday just gone.

Hey Kevin Rudd, thanks for instantly dating our bit. You ratfucker.

We should return to regular podcasting soon!


Director's Commentary: I refer to it as the "Pink Batt Controversy" because I haven't read a newspaper in 2 weeks and I had only a very vague idea of what the controversy was about.

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This isn't wrestling, this is politics

Hullo, hullo. Cam here.

I'm still sick. Too sick for podcasting! Luckily, we got plenty of bits and bobs laying about until I get better.

Here is an excerpt from Andy Slackbastard and I's radio progamme on 3CR 855 AM - it's from the end of January.

It features a brief discussion about capitalism and the Monarchy, and then there's an interview with a secret ALP source about recent goings-ons within the party.


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An Illustrated History of the Hapsburg Dynasty

Hullo! Cam here!

The podcast will be delayed this week because my throat stopped working. I went to the hospital and they took a lot of my blood and told me to harden up. I said, "Is there any medicine I should take?" and they said, "There is no medicine for what is wrong with you" (it is true, they really said that) and also, "DO NOT make ANY podcasts or vodcasts under ANY circumstances!"

But they didn't tell me not to upload any tracks from Ben Pobjie's new album HypnoProphet: Tales Of Truth And Explosions to the podcast feed in a daring cross-promotional effort. So here it is! Track Number 5. If you are a dedicated subscriber you will already have track 11. Now there are only 15 more tracks to collect. I suggest you buy this fucking album if you want them. Stop being such a cheapskate. It's not a good look on a boy/girl as pretty as you.

Email and say you want a copy and Ben will work out a sweet deal with you. They are $15.

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Episode 17: The Return To Oz

Episode 17 in a Series of 1000 Fireside Chats c/o Ben Pobjie & Cam Smith

Warning, may contain traces of:

  • Sound checking
  • The Syphilis Holocaust
  • Oz politics
  • Cam's CD player in his car is broken. It is a bad situation.
  • Why hasn't Triple M called?
  • How To Pick Up Girls
  • Australia's Worst Mum
  • Man Of Letters (The Correct Parlance, Australia's Worst Son)
  • Moe Man - Boola Boola Band

Go hard or go home!

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