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Guten tag, Hans & Rutger here with the debut episode of our new poddenkasten, Sneaking Aboat, ja.

Thank you to the nice young gentleman who have given us their poddenkasten equipment and poddenkasten accounts to poddenkast from.

Hopefully this poddenkasten will help you learn a thing or zwei about the noble art of smuggling.

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Placeholder text: Hi guys, Ben and Cam here with another podcast from the Wollongong Podcast Festival. We're about to head out to a secret after-dark podcast and probably won't be back until quite late, so I've set this up to auto-upload once the recording stops. Sorry in advance if there's any audio issues, I'll go back in the morning and do a quick edit if so! Anyway, enjoy whatever we end up talking about in this one! xoxo Cam

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Hi there, gentle listeners! It's episode 233 in a series of 1000 podcasts from your friends Ben Pobjie & Cam Smith!

We're here at the Wollongong Podcast Festival and we've never felt more alive! In this, our second daily festival-cast for the week, we talk about some of the panels we've seen and some we're looking forward to, but basically all you need to know is that the WPF is wonderful.

We have never felt so enthused about GAM and being amongst our podcasting brethren and sistren has gotten us incredibly excited about the future of podcasting in general but GAM specifically. We hope you continue with us on our journey!

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Hi there, gentle listeners! Ben and Cam are on their way to Wollongong and recorded this podcast while travelling along a nice straight bit.

See you at the Wollongong Podcast Festival!


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Hi there gentle listeners! It's episode 231 of GAM!

Just a short one this week, as Ben and Cam have to pack for a certain podcast festival, but topics discussed include:

  • NSW's wild weather
  • Operas
  • Sister Fanciers
  • Daredevil
  • Candycrushme95
  • Secrets Of A Taxi Driver

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Hi there, gentle listeners, it's ya pals Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith, back for more podcasting fun.

Bringing the laffs and the guffaws this week is our special guest Justin Hamilton, of popular & great podcast Can You Take This Photo, Please?

We talk about all the showbiz goss, so if you are a comedian you definitely need to listen in - what if we are talking about you?

But for normal people, we discuss ordinary affairs of the day, like The Phantom, Daredevil, who would win in a fight between Bruce Wayne and Kal-El, and whether fame is really worth the trouble.


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Hi there, gentle listeners! It's ya pals Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith, fresh from a successful live podcast at the Melbourne Town Hall. The people lining up for Rich Hall really seemed to appreciate hearing parts of That's Life stories.

In this podcast:

  • Askance Looks
  • The War On Ice
  • That's Life


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Hi there, gentle listeners! A sneaky short one for you recorded in a Coles carpark. We talk about showbiz and racism.

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