Gather Around Me
Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith help you make sense of the world.

Welcome to the REBOOT of Gather Around Me! This is Episode 158 in the old money, but in the new money it is EPISODE ONE!

In this exciting debut episode, your hosts Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith discuss:

  • Rebooting the podcast
  • Anti-Semitic newsletters
  • Potential new show names
  • Segments to jettison
  • Always Read The Comments
  • What Has Ben Learnt On The Guitar This Week
  • Dan Hall
  • Ironic Seafood
  • Clive Palmer
  • Calls To Action

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Genteel listeners! Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith are back with a piping hot serving of fun! It's Episode 157 in a series of 1000 Gather Around Me podchats!

In this edition, B & C discuss the makeup of the new Senate, the Murdochracy, the comic book series Crazy Justice, and lots more.

It is one for THE WHOLE FAMILY. No wait, it is not. But there is something for everyone. Get it in your face holes. The ones on the side.

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Hi guys!

Masterchat is over and Gather Around Me is BACK! Back to reclaim its rightful place as BEST PODCAST.

In this episode, your friends Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith discuss:

  • The Underworld
  • Car Theft
  • Rap
  • Theatresports
  • Christian Grey only being 27!
  • A couple of tiny plugs!


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