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A very special episode for Ep 400! Not really! Cam reads Ben some terrible stuff. At one point he says it's Friday afternoon, but actually this was recorded on a Monday. Says it all.

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This week Ben and Cam went to see Halloween Kills, a film about the aftermath of a movie about podcasters.

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Apparently this episode never went online? Anyway - enjoy these hot earthquake takes!

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This week we talk about a real idiot of a ghost.

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This week we take a road trip out to Engadine to discuss the works of George Orwell.

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This week we talk about shooting ranges, Olympic and otherwise. Plus would Ben be a good liar?

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We've been asked by the Victorian Liberal Party to brainstorm some ideas and we are not ones to leave our state in the lurch!

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Sometimes you get the Zodiac Killer's name slightly wrong but then you repeat that mistake for 20 minutes.

Anyway, in this ep we discuss the only news that matters: the revelation of the real identity of the Zodiac Killer.

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This week we talk about Sportsball, earthquakes and other silly things.

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Folks, this week we're talking:

  1. Filing cabinets
  2. John Setka
  3. Color Out Of Space
  4. The Entire 2 Billion Year Future-History Of Humanity
  5. A Dream That Could Be A Movie
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This week we're talkin' spooky boys and mockdowns, baby. See you down the gardens, folks!

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This week your pals Ben & Cam discuss the impending ascent of Matthew Guy to the leadership of the Victorian Opposition + Stockholm Syndrome and some SPOOOOKY STORIES.

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Hi there folks, it's time for a little bit of normal-sounding GAM in your earholes. This week we discuss:
The Croods
Bostik Swastika
and a spooooky story

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Hi there folks, it's a little poddy with some rona chat and some movie recaps. Thanks to a fun technological mishap, one of our voices gets a little bit deeper than usual.

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Your pals Ben and Cam went to the movies to watch The Conjuring Part 3: The Devil Made Me Do It.

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Hi folks, ep 386 in a series of 1000! Please replace the reference in this podcast to 'Can't Hardly Wait' with 'She's All That'.

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Hey folks, a tiny lil Confession for yas from the murderous but sunny foothills of Adelaide.

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Hi folks, it's ya pals Ben & Cam back for 2021. We are back on set with Lucy Lawless and discussing a few things from the news and popular culture, as we are wont to do.

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