Gather Around Me (podcasts)
Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith help you make sense of the world.

Hi there, gentle listeners! It's ya mates Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith here to help you get through these tough times.

In this episode...

  • Basic stuff
  • Cam, He's A Man Of Confessions at the start for a change
  • Q & A
  • Citizenship
  • Other shenanigans

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(*apologies to The Glasshouse, the Q & A of the noughties)

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Welcome to Episode 204 of Gather Around Me with your friends Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith.

No episode will ever live up to ep 200, but we struggle on regardless.

Topics chatted include:

  • Vacuums
  • The Laws Of Robotics
  • Doctor Hoobs
  • Nicki Minaj's Anaconda
  • What happened on The Amazing Race, The Bachelor and Sexify My Mum & Dad
  • The 100 Worst People On Twitter
  • Timely gags
  • Star Wars and Harold & Maude
  • and Boss Keys

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Hi there gentle listeners, Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith are back with Gather Around Me after an extended illness!

Topics discussed:

  • Ian "The Thorpedo" Thorpe.
  • The World Cup.
  • Baby Gammy.
  • Gaza.
  • Twitter Feuds & Ear Piercings.
  • ENJOY!

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Welcome to the offical Gather Around Me Budget Reply Reply with Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith.

Also discussed: the Royal Commission into the Home Insulation Program, ICAC & the Gordian Knot.

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Welcome to Episode 191 of Gather Around Me and our THIRD LAST DAILY NEWSCAST!

In this special post-budget edition, Ben and Cam give their budget reply with a number of solid solutions for Australia's non-existent economic woes!

PLUS further dissection of the new Zodiac book, The Most Dangerous Animal Of All by Gary Stewart.

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Hi there, welcome to Episode 190 of Gather Around Me with your friends Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith!

It's a special Budget Night edition in which we discuss:

  • A new My Dad Was The Zodiac book!
  • The Voice
  • Jay Zed
  • and the Budget

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Hi there, gentle listeners! Welcome to our third daily Newscast! We had to skip a day (we are still working out the kinks (we are not working out The Kinks, they are a powerpop band, it's pretty simple)) so this one is a bit longer because of all the extra news.

In today's edition:

  • New AFL CEOs!
  • More dumb stuff at ICAC!
  • We have to work until we're 70, but will it be so bad if we have robot legs?
  • Golden Dawn



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Hi there! It's a special NewsCast #1 from Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith.


  • There are lots of drugs!
  • ICAC is still going and people are still dumb at it!
  • Star Wars?
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Welcome to Episode 180 in a series of 1000 podchats, gentle listeners! Gather Around Me is about to trial a daily format (?!) so this is the last long one for a little while? We talk about all sorts of things including ICAC, the debt tax and guardie selfies.

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Hey there, gentle listeners! Welcome to Ep 172 in a series of 1000 podchats from Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith.

In this ep:


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