Gather Around Me
Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith help you make sense of the world.

Hi there! Welcome to Episode 178 in a series of 1000 podchats from Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith! It's another MICFcast! Ben was performing in Set List (@setlistshow) after we recorded this, so we thought we'd get him up to fighting fitness by taking topics to discuss from the Twitterati. Those topics were:

  • Cloning, Jack Kirby, Autobiographical Novels - @jstktn3
  • Snakes: what are they?  - @violetotter
  • The role of segmentation in our understanding of history - @LeahJaclyn
  • Birds - @RumpusAndBumpus
  • Dysania, Tardigrades and Teddy Bears - @MWhalan
  • 2nd airport in a world running out of fuel oil - @Filter_Select
  • Is it a giant poodle? - @MsCPeterperson
  • Vagina paprika fajita two-seater completer margarita - @regravity
  • Growing dinosaurs in pot plants - @meganmaurice
  • Pastry racists - @ElycePhillips
  • Julie Bishop's prayer group - @Filter_Select
  • Cheese problems - @ElycePhillips
  • Cicero - @stephendevice
  • Haughty marine life - @elycephillips
  • #tunnelpicket - @Filter_Select
  • An ode to sweatpants, socialist dog show - @ElycePhillips
  • Baking - @willthestudent
  • Guys who leave comments on porno videos - @CHOY_FACTS
  • Unemployed scientists - @JackLScanlan
  • Are ghosts affected by gravity? - @umlolidunno
  • Should being filmed by GoogleGlass be opt-in? - @umlolidunno
  • Chocolate coated potato chips - @becpobjie
  • reality shows for pets - @MWhalan
  • Ventriloquism: is it really that good? - @phantomdiorama
  • Personal pronouns - @samquigley
  • Bananas, transcribers of libel, how I met my mother, Isle of Bute- @JoeyBearC
  • Is it too late for topics? - @davebottles

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