Gather Around Me
Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith help you make sense of the world.

Yeah - HUP. Episode 136 in a series of ONE THOUSAND podchats with your friends Ben "Split Enz" Pobjie and Cam "Crowded House" Smith.

In this thrilling installment, we are sitting in a bus stop in Northcote at midnight. Will the bus ever come? Find out!

But also, it includes:

  • The actual, real-life conversation we had with Tim Flannery just before recording.
  • Why you should follow @AlexinaRose on Twitter.
  • Askance looks from passers-by.
  • Celebrity guest appearances by Benjamin Law, Jess McGuire and Angie Hart.
  • Sesame Street.
  • Our power over the State Government.
  • Sick spoilers.
  • Beautiful Kate.
  • IMDb goofs.
  • Stuff on the wall in front of the bus stop.


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