Gather Around Me
Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith help you make sense of the world.
Tamara Jaber The final Gather Around Me! Xmas Bonus - it's a song by that hip up-and-coming band Nation Of Slam, recorded all the way back in September 2008.

Personnel (at the time):

  1. Vox: Cam
  2. Ivories: Lucy
  3. Axe One: Ben
  4. Axe Two: Amanda
  5. Skins und Sticks: Sabine

This was written while watching Australian Idol with the sound down, it was a team effort. Go Team!

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Episode 11: I hope you CHOKE on it Episode 11 in a Series of 1000 Fireside Chats.

Not really, but we are never going to get to a thousand if we don't cheat every now and then. This is the second Gather Around Me Xmas Bonus for 2009, baby. It's the least dated segment from the very first podcast that Ben and I ever recorded - all the way back in January - and it's never been published anywhere.


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