Gather Around Me
Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith help you make sense of the world.
The Rue McClanahan Hour: Week 2 Episode 2 in hopefully a Series of 5 Radio Shows.

But also unlucky Episode 13 in a series of 1000 podcasts.

Warning, may contain traces of:

  1. Classic Comedy!
  2. Feedback from Episode 1
  3. An Interview with Joey Kurtschenko
  4. Pirates - Your Time Is Up
  5. Phillip Adams
  6. The Great Australia Day Kerfuffle
  7. Pork Lances
  8. Hey Terrorists, We Get It
  9. Cam, He's A Man Of Letters
  10. Feedback from Episode 2, including a missed opportunity for a pun regarding straightedge hardcore band Good Clean Fun

Possibly every Monday in January 2010, 7pm on Triple R. 102.7. RRR.ORG.AU

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