Gather Around Me
Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith help you make sense of the world.
Episode 22: One of these days, Alice! First Dog On The Moon!

Episode 22 in a Series of 1000 Podcasts by Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith.

With Special Guest Star: Crikey Cartoonista and Bon Vivant Mr. First Dog On The Moon.

Warning, may contain traces of:

  1. Name-calling
  2. Things a man does alone in the forest
  3. The Circle (but for men)
  4. Pleasing Christopher Pyne
  5. Leg Stretches and Larissa Dubecki (callback to episode 8)
  6. A man with a dog's face or a dog with a man's hands???
  7. Ben has a whinge about getting told off for doing the wrong thing
  8. Sleeping under your desk
  9. Who is a better Crikey editor: Jonathan Green or Sophie Black?
  10. Who would win in a fight: Jonathan Green or Sophie Black?
  11. Who would win in a kissing comp: Jonathan Green or Sophie Black?
  12. I made up Number 11, but that would have been interesting.
  13. Sliding Doors
  14. What is the best way to ingest Ice?
  15. Where is the best place to make Ice? (callback to episode 5)
  16. Doodlejump

Fun for the whole family!

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