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This episode we're talking about the first Omen, but not The First Omen.

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This week we are talking about the two hottest creepy crawly flicks of 2024: The Beekeeper and Madame Web.

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Vox populi, vox dei. The people demanded an indepth recap of haunted pool movie Night Swim and who are we to deny them?

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Folks, it's probably fair to say that nobody has been clamouring for an unpacking of the first three Insidious movies, including comparisons with turn-of-the-millennium Australian techno-thriller The Bank and yet that is precisely what you are listening to. It's a funny old world.

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We have a chat about that hot cinema property Mission Impossible 2 - as well as another impossible mission, successfully holding the Commonwealth Games.

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Not with a bang but with a podcast we finish our journey into the Queensland hinterland courtesty of Libby's synopsisizing skills.

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It's episode 414 in a series of 1000 pods from your friends at Gather Around Me Inc. In this episode, we return to a series that I think we abandoned pre-Covid thanks to listener (and reader) Libby.

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This week we're talking about a very bad movie.

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This week we are talking in great detail, scene-by-scene- about the film Halloween Ends. This approach to film reviewing seems to come as a surprise to some!

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This week we're talking about 2021's Baby Oopsie, a film which surprised and delighted us in equal measure.

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Cam tricked Ben into seeing Everything, Everywhere, All At Once. Continued discussion of the ever-expanding RCU. Ben wants to be like Jordan Peterson but not politically, just completely off chops on benzos and steak.

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In this, episode four hundred and nine out of one thousand, we discuss the State of Origin (2022) and Escape Room (2017) but not Escape Room (2019).

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This week your friends BenTron 3.0 and Cambot 6000 take over the pod for some AI shenanigans.

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It's your pals Cam and Ben with Episode 407 in a series of 1000 podchats about affairs of state and culture and such. This week we recorded the Monday after the election for fresh takes on the ascendant Albanese government and the Rebel Wilson vehicle Senior Year.

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This week we have some grievances to share. Plus a spoiler alert for Dr Strange and The Northman.

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We discuss the election campaign and the film Ambulance (spoiler alert: both of them are careening out of control through the streets of LA). We have absolutely no proof that Michael Bay is not doing Dogme95 films on the side. 

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Is A Long Time In Politics. A day can happen in a year and a year can happen in a month.

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This week Ben & Cam discuss (with spoilers) the films The Batman, Morbius and RRR. Cam is not impressed with The Batman's refusal to do even the most simple geolocation.

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Folks, huge content warning on this one: the Prime Minister is racist. And Ben saw Morbius.

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Gather Around Me is back with our hot takes on the Academy Awards, Mark Latham, etc.

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A very special episode for Ep 400! Not really! Cam reads Ben some terrible stuff. At one point he says it's Friday afternoon, but actually this was recorded on a Monday. Says it all.

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This week Ben and Cam went to see Halloween Kills, a film about the aftermath of a movie about podcasters.

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Apparently this episode never went online? Anyway - enjoy these hot earthquake takes!

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This week we talk about a real idiot of a ghost.

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This week we take a road trip out to Engadine to discuss the works of George Orwell.

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This week we talk about shooting ranges, Olympic and otherwise. Plus would Ben be a good liar?

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We've been asked by the Victorian Liberal Party to brainstorm some ideas and we are not ones to leave our state in the lurch!

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Sometimes you get the Zodiac Killer's name slightly wrong but then you repeat that mistake for 20 minutes.

Anyway, in this ep we discuss the only news that matters: the revelation of the real identity of the Zodiac Killer.

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This week we talk about Sportsball, earthquakes and other silly things.

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Folks, this week we're talking:

  1. Filing cabinets
  2. John Setka
  3. Color Out Of Space
  4. The Entire 2 Billion Year Future-History Of Humanity
  5. A Dream That Could Be A Movie
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This week we're talkin' spooky boys and mockdowns, baby. See you down the gardens, folks!

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This week your pals Ben & Cam discuss the impending ascent of Matthew Guy to the leadership of the Victorian Opposition + Stockholm Syndrome and some SPOOOOKY STORIES.

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Hi there folks, it's time for a little bit of normal-sounding GAM in your earholes. This week we discuss:
The Croods
Bostik Swastika
and a spooooky story

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Hi there folks, it's a little poddy with some rona chat and some movie recaps. Thanks to a fun technological mishap, one of our voices gets a little bit deeper than usual.

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Your pals Ben and Cam went to the movies to watch The Conjuring Part 3: The Devil Made Me Do It.

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Hi folks, ep 386 in a series of 1000! Please replace the reference in this podcast to 'Can't Hardly Wait' with 'She's All That'.

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Hey folks, a tiny lil Confession for yas from the murderous but sunny foothills of Adelaide.

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Hi folks, it's ya pals Ben & Cam back for 2021. We are back on set with Lucy Lawless and discussing a few things from the news and popular culture, as we are wont to do.

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Hey there folks, we are back! We talk about the films Freaky and The Dark Tower, plus some war crimes.

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Hi there folks, welcome to another edition of GAM with ya pals Ben & Cam. This would be Episode 383 but we realised we never did an Episode 364 and we don't want to have to do a heap of contractually-obligated extras once we get to Ep 1000. We talk about lots of up-to-the-minute current affairs and then have TWO confessions: a spooky one and a saucy one.

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Folks, it is ya pals Ben Pobjie & Cam Smith discussing a series of problematic topics: war criminal bath-artists, ambitious 1930s sci-fi, sociopathic nephews and THE DEVIL (or at least a minor demon).

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Friends! It's a new ep of GAM - there are confessions, there's Sister Ghost, this episode has everything.

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Hey there folks, it's ya pals Ben & Cam taking a break from setting the agenda for the national discourse to talk about daleks, sharehouse ghosts & Bollywood Agatha Christie adaptations.

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folks, it's ya pals Ben & Cam with a spooky tale from That's Life + discussion of Home & Away, Beauty & The Geek and Angel Is Down.

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Hey folks, it's ya pals Ben & Cam here with some CONFESSIONS.

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Hey folks, it's ya mates Ben & Cam reporting from quarantine on some of their Coronavirus Gripes & Grumbles!

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Hi folks,

Your friends Ben Pobjie & Cam Smith are back talking about baboons, coronavirus and Mayor Pete (R.I.P.).

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Folks, new year, same old GAM. We're back on the set of My Life Is Murder discussing the war in Iran and bushfire conspiracies between takes.

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Hi there folks, one last ep of GAM to send off 2019. Have yourself a merry little everything and we'll be back in 2020 with more hot takes and Dean Koontz recaps.

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Hey there folks, apologies for the delay. Ben and Cam went to see Doctor Sleep and then they talked about it.

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Hi folks, Ben & Cam went to see Chapter 2 of the Stephen King's IT series of films at the cinema and they have some thoughts. Settle in for more of a David & Margaret affair rather than a blow-by-blow recap. Cam is Margaret obviously as he once also put on an illegal screening of the highly dodgy film Ken Park.

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Folks, it is an old school episode of GAM as ya pals Ben Pobjie & Cam Smith watch a forbidden episode of The Drum, sympathise with Epstein's negligent guards, and try to understand boat-based cryptocurrencies.

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Folks, it's ya pals Ben and Cam here. We went to see the new Annabelle movie at the cinema and boy howdy did it give us a fright. Here is our recap.

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Folks, sometimes they come back. That's the long and short of it. Othertimes they don't, but this is not a podcast about one of those times.

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Hey there folks, it's another episode of our Stephen King podcast #JustKingThings. In this edition, we watched the 1983 killer car flick Christine and then recapped it. Spoiler warning for the Danish Netflix Original 'The Rain'

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Hey folx, #JustKingThings is back! Ben and Cam went to see the new Pet Sematary at the flicks and they recap it and discuss... IN A SPOOKY PARK AT MIDNIGHT.

Spoiler alerts!

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Hi there folks, Ben and Cam coming to you live from the nice park where they are filming My Life Is Murder. We talk about yowies, YouTubes and red flag books.

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Hi folks,

Ya pals Ben & Cam are back with a nice sit outside and a chat about current affairs and penguins.

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G'day there folks, it's a new ep of GAM from ya pals Ben & Cam.

This week, such thrilling segments as:
Ben's Dream Diary feat. Graham "Richo" Richardson
Cam's YouTube Accountability Corner feat Palmy Creep Catchers
and of course Hungry Vs. Bung Knee!

We also discuss Ted Bundy and debate his posthumous cancellation.

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Hey folx, new year, new GAM. In this episode we do a bunch of segments, including:

What's The Deal With Jonah?
Cam's YouTube History Accountability Corner
Cam's Sports Roundup
Skars v Cars
And of course... some juicy CONFESSIONS

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Hi there folks,

It's the last GAM for 2018 and we go out with a bang including all your favourite segments: What's The Deal With Bostik Swastika, Carey Or Darey, WEB CAM and more. We will be back in 2019 with more confessions, more Bostik Swastika, and hopefully less equipment failures.

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G'day folks, apols for the radio silence. We are back with a rebooted Gather Around Me. For the first time: SEGMENTS.

Do not listen to this if you are going to be on a gangland jury or if you are especially invested in not only getting the names of beloved children's authors correct, but in not getting them incorrect in multiple ways within the space of an hour.

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Alright hotshots, it's a brand new ep of Gather Around Me. Well, it's an ep of Gather Around Me. Look hotshots, this was recorded a couple of weeks ago. I got an ear infection, okay. Here are some important notes. One, this podcast will spoil the film Shutter Island. Two, throughout the history of the show, as longterm listeners will know, we often refer to the book The Cross & The Switchblade. That has been erroneous: the book we meant to refer to was Run Baby Run by Nicky Cruz. Maybe that's what we used to call it and my memory has just atrophied. *raises eyebrows as if to say, I wonder how that could have happened*. Also Ben's book is 100% available for purchase in stores now. It is called Australia: What Happened? and nobody gives up a life of being cool to be a nerd in the space of a page. Well done, Ben. Right, that's just about it. We will try to record another one soon so you can get up to speed on Luke Foley's resignation in a few weeks.

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Hi folks, it's episode 358 in a series of 1000 podchats with ya pals Ben & Cam. In this ep we discuss strange ATMs, low fuel warnings and the global flashlight industry.

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Folks, it is finally time. Your friends Ben and Cam were very brave boys and went to see The Nun. SPOILER ALERT: This podcast is a recap of everything that happens in The Nun so there may be some spoilers for the film.

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Hey folks, sneaky little mini-sode here. Ben is sick so we have postponed our viewing of The Nun. While we wait for his vocal cords to heal, here is Cam with a solo Cam, He's A Man Of Confessions.

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G'day folks, welcome to another edition of Gather Around Me with ya pals Ben & Cam. In this episode, we discuss Matthew Guy's Phillip Island dramas, the au pair thing of course, the bloody honey scandal, and a few other things in between. Cam had a scary dream. We are going to see The Nun next week, so that should help.

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Folks, ya pals Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith are back discussing spills (leadership) and thrills (getting ready to see The Nun). Plus what's the bloody go with those au pairs?

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We're back - we heard the fascists were trying to get Sky taken off the train stations and we knew only we could stop them. That's right, folks, it's the news of last week, fresh off the presses.

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True story, folks, Ben and I were sitting on his couch watching the footy when I said, "why don't we record a sneaky little podcast." And so we did until his family came home from picking up crime supplies. It's just a quick one that the critics are calling, "Classic GAM."

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Hi there folks, it's another edition of Gather Around Me from your buds Ben & Cam. In this edition, we discuss ghost dogs, N*Sync and gangstalking.

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Folks, Gather Around Me is back. Apologies for the lack of pods, we had accounted for Cam's holiday but we hadn't accounted for him getting deathly ill immediately upon arriving home in Australia.

In this episode, ya mates Ben & Cam talk about all the things that have happened since they last sat down in the Podtorium all the way back in April.

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G'day folks, it's the last of our pre-recorded Confessioncasts! Cam should be back in Australia soon enough. For now, enjoy the tale of this naughty nanna.

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Hi there folks, it's another spooky confession. This one has SENTIENT KNICK KNACKS!

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Hi there folks, it's another Confession - this time a tale of betrayal and security guards.

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Hi there folks, Cam has popped off to Europe for a few weeks, so we've recorded a few confessions to keep you going. Sorry, we know how much people rely on us for up-to-the-minute news takes. This one's about a COOKED DOLL.

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Hey folks, it's episode 345 in a series of 1000 podchats from ya mates Ben and Cam. Sorry for the delay on this one, folks, Cam has been a sickly boy.

In this one we talk about the timely news of Peter Dutton's attempt on Malcolm Turnbull, plus A Quiet Place (spoiler free) and Eurovision and a whole bunch of other stuff. There are two confessions and one Japanese ghost. Well half a Japanese ghost.

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g'day folks, welcome to episode 344 in a series of 1000 podchats with your mates Ben and Cam. In this episode, we discuss cricket (and fix it) plus Peter Dutton, that bloody galah, and a few other things. Have at it! (don't forget to subscribe on iTunes and maybe leave a sneaky review)

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Hey folks, it's ya pals Ben and Cam back in the podatorium together for a discussion about Batman, the price of democracy, and prison reform (spend less on shoes). Also what happens if ya get the foot of a killer transplanted onto ya bloody ankos.

Subscribe on iTunes.

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Hi folks, it's an all new ep of Gather Around Me with your mates Ben and Cam. This one is done over Skype, and there is a little bit of annoying headphone noise in the first 5 minutes and 9 seconds. But if you leave it before then, you will never get to hear about the Mouse Senate. So I guess I'm saying, abandon at your own risk. There's also an annoying flavour to Cam's voice throughout due to a recording mishap, but what's different about that, am I right? Ahahaha. Why would I burn myself like that? It's completely unnecessary. This is what Burn Culture has lead to.

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Hi there folks, it's episode 341 in a series of 1000 podchats from ya friends Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith. In this episode, lots of news out of Canberra to pore over and pour over.

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Hi there folks, it's ya human pals Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith with blockchain three hundred and forty in a series of 1000 bitcasts.

In this episode, we discuss all the political news of the week that was, Cam and Ben's respective car troubles, the bloody moon, and also get to the bottom of a few things.

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G'day folks,

Better late than never, right? In this ep, a bit of outdated current affairs (Cam's Overland thing, Qanon, the Ataris bloke) + the return of Ben's Book Corner AND Cam, He's A Man Of Confessions.

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Boy have we got a podcast for you.

Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith are back in 2018 with a chitty chat about Romper Stomper and the lamb ad that nobody cares about anymore and people getting donked on the noggin.


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Hi there folks, it's ep 337 of Gather Around Me with ya pals Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith. In this episode, we discuss Roy Moore, Dastyari and Russian Sleep Experiments from the late 1940s. Please do not rely on this podcast for your up-to-the-minute current affairs.

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Folks, it's another edition of GAM with ya pals Ben and Cam. This week's show was recorded on 6/12 and features:

  • aa milne
  • whinging about long marriage equality debate speeches
  • even more haunted dolls


Subscribe on iTunes!

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This is our challenge to Robert The Doll, the most haunted doll in America. If you are name-searching yourself on iTunes - well, that means we have basically already won - but if you are, we are challenging you. Do your worst, little sailor man.

We also discuss Charles Manson, Ratko Mladic and dual citizenship.

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Hi there folks, it's episode 334 in a series of 1000 podchats from ya mates Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith. That's right, we're past the 1/3 mark.

This episode was recorded shortly after the results of the marriage equality postal survey were announced, as well as the announcement of the Zimbabwean coup, so naturally we spend a fair amount of time discussing Singapore's beautiful Sentosa Island.

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G'day folks, it's episode 333 in a series of 1000 podcasts from ya pals Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith. That's right - we're 1/3 of the way done. Phewbie a-whoobie.

In this ep, we talk about the story of baby Jesus, Cam catching his first Uber, generation gaps, The End of History, the Citizenship 7, safe injecting rooms and more.

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Hi there folks, it's ya spooky pals Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith here with some spine-tingling tales to delight and horrify in equal measure. As requested by Listener Jay, this week we're doing... CREEPYPASTAS.

Direct download: gatheraroundme332.mp3
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Hi there folks, this week ya pals Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith delve deep into the archives to play you the planning meeting for Episode 200 (inarguably our best episode ever) at the request of Patreon supporter Annette.

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G'day folks,

It's a jam-packed ep this week - they're only rolling out a bloody panopticon, aren't they. Plus we discuss It some more and read a Confession (spoiler alert: there is adultery).

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Hi there folks, we are BACK. It has been too long between podcasts (due to sickness and people going to Western Australia) and it has definitely been too long between Stephen King-themed podcasts!

In this episode, Ben and Cam go see the new IT at the cinema and it is a bit bloody spooky.

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G'day cobbers, ya pals Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith here with the 328th episode in a series of 1000.

In this edition:

  • Peppa pig
  • Dibber dobbers
  • How the Left are the actual racists
  • Ghostbusting
  • Hang on what was that
  • Underarm bowling


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hi there, folks! a week is a long time in politics, so ya mates Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith have given it up. the entire podcast is now solely devoted to recaps of relationship breakdowns.

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Hey there folks, in this ep we discuss Matthew Guy's unfortunate choice of dining companion and restaurant, plus Ben is listening to good music (?) and Cam has been seeing sad movies.

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G'day folks,

It's episode 325 in a series of 1000 podchats from ya mates Ben and Cam. Ben has been on a whirlwind book tour promoting Aussie Aussie Aussie but now he is back in Cam's freezing podcast den to read someone else's book AND discuss the news.

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This is what we get for talking about the news. In this ep, we discuss such current events as:

Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds
Scott Ludlam's resignation
The new Dr Who
Peter Dutton's Super Agency
Democracy 2.0
Alistair Campbell

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G'day folks,

Boy, have we got an investment opportunity for you. In this ep we discuss the news of the day and wonder why we can't score a sneaky research grant considering all the research we do. Plus Ben's Book Corner finishes the first chapter.

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G'day folks, it gets off to a rocky start but we find our way in the end. A few bits and bobs from the week that was, plus the much requested return of Ben's Book Corner.

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