Gather Around Me
Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith help you make sense of the world.

This is what we get for talking about the news. In this ep, we discuss such current events as:

Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds
Scott Ludlam's resignation
The new Dr Who
Peter Dutton's Super Agency
Democracy 2.0
Alistair Campbell

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G'day folks,

Boy, have we got an investment opportunity for you. In this ep we discuss the news of the day and wonder why we can't score a sneaky research grant considering all the research we do. Plus Ben's Book Corner finishes the first chapter.

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G'day folks, it gets off to a rocky start but we find our way in the end. A few bits and bobs from the week that was, plus the much requested return of Ben's Book Corner.

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g'day cobbers, let them what is without sin cast the first stone.

oi, who cast that?

Castle Hill is in Townsville, but the good chicken is in Toowoomba. What a funny old state of affairs.

In this episode: One Nation's scandal, the MidWinter Ball Thing, Bunnings scandals, dream diaries, Hack Live and other stuffs

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G'day there cobbers. It's an all new ep with the latest news in orbs, elections, and rural Queensland (romance??) novels.

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G'day folks, it's an all new Skype ep of GAM featuring Ben's Book Corner and some Disney Dogs.

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G'day folks,

Apologies for the delay! We is back!

In this ep:

  • Ben's Book Corner
  • A very spooky Confession Cast
  • And some talk about Sydney.
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It's episode 317 in a series of 1000 podchats from ya mates Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith.

In this ep:


Check it on iTunes.

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Hi there folks, just a short one of varying audio quality from outside the Melbourne Town Hall. A bit of chat about the news of the week and another SEXY CONFESSION ripped from the pages of That's Life or Take 5 or whichever one it was.

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Hi there folks, it's episode 315 in a series of 1000 podchats and we are coming to you again from our second sold out live show at the Melbourne Town Hall. There was not a single ticket left to buy.

In this ep, we have another chat with Harrison Engstrom who is still on that hashtag flyer grind, and also with Jay Freeman, the designer of the Official Gather Around Me shirt and the Official Sister Fanciers shirt AND the Degrassi Junior High: The Dining Experience poster.

Some lads try to talk to us about Syria but we had already done our Syria gear.

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