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Hi there folks, it's only just Episode 292 of Gather Around Me with Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith.

In this episode, we discuss Suicide Squad (but not too much) and Cam becomes briefly concerned that Indigenous people just made up boomerangs, but it turns out they are real. Also Cam has gotten boxes of his childhood writings and Young Cam is going to get OWNED.


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Folks, it is a special ep of Gather Around Me - on a topic of listener & supporter Matt Stevenson's choosing - that topic being: Stuff You Could Buy If You Didn't Support The GAM Patreon (could you spend the money on going to Kamchatka?).


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Hi folks,

It's ya mates Ben and Cam with lots of chats including:

  • The Census
  • The Family (the Victorian cult)
  • The Bachelor
  • Alternate realities
  • and more


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Hey there, folks, it's an all new ep of Gather Around Me in which ya lads Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith discuss:

  • Common workplace afflictions
  • Training courses
  • Different people-management techniques
  • Office layouts

And more along those lines. It's your favourite workplace relations podcast Gather Around Me!

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Hey there, folks, in terms of weeks, it's been a big one. Here to dissect it all last Wednesday, it's ya mates Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith

Have a sneaky listen to their thoughts on all the up-to-the-minute current affairs business like the Trump plagiarism thing and Erma Bombeck.

There is a bit of an audio glitch about halfway through which does correct itself. You are not crazy if you think, 'this bit sounds slightly different to the other bits' tho.


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Only nineties kids will get that title. The nineties bit of it anyway, definitely.

Hey there, folks, it's ya mates Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith with a podcast all about weasels, as requested by loyal listener Enjayembee, whose twitter account can be found at @enjayembee, and whose own podcast can be found at

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Hi there, folks, there's just been an election and things have been a little bit surreal. Maybe not as surreal as some other things, but still you'd have to say, "hmm, that's a bit off though."

Ben and Cam are here to hold your hand through it all but. Enjoy!


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G’day folks,

It’s an election special as Ben and Cam discuss Brexits, baristas and the bad people who want to run the country.



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Hi there, gentle listeners! It's ya spooky pals Ben Pobjie and Cam Smith back with a new edition of Gather Around Me. For some reason, we went and saw The Conjuring 2 and folks, the things we do for you. The things. We do. For you.

Here's a big ol chat & recap about The Conjuring 2 and the Enfield Poltergeist and Captain America and Thatcherism! Get it in ya ears!

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Hi folks,

Apologies for the long delay between shows - Ben and Cam were not in the same country at the same time for like 7 weeks. But now they are! And they are back!!

In this episode:

  • Holiday Chat
  • The Election
  • World Contact Day


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